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Turbine Air Ventilator India:

100% Income tax Deduction under Gov. Rules..

Air ventilator India
Safety Products Principles:  
  • Convective Thermal Currents
  • Centrifugal force to exhuast
  • Turbo design creates suction
  • Larger the diameter of ventilator higher is the capacity & effectiveness
Safety Products Applications:      
  • Factories, warehouses, workshops, Industrial sheds, domestic application, etc.
  • Removes hot gases, obnoxious fumes, bad odour, enhances ventilation
  • Can be configured to meet required fresh air changes.
  • Easy to install and can be fitted to any type of roofing.
Safety Products Construction:      
  • Strong, Light Weight Construction
  • Slight breeze enough to rotate the ventilator
  • Available in high grade aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or
  • epoxy coated for corrosive areas.
  • UV stabilized FRP base with integral venturi dome
Safety Products Double Effect:      
  • Turbo Ventilation
  • Day Light

You have come to right place if you are looking for air ventilator manufacturers in India

Yes No
  • Most Economical
  • Run on wind
  • Save Electricity
  • 100 % Deduction from Income Tax
  • Save maintenance
  • Direct vitamin “D” for your Humans
  • Fresh and Healthy air for all
  • If Good breath for Human then Better
  • Productivity
  • Profit Enhancement (Profit means not only make Money, its also Save Money)
  • Electricity
  • Wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Noise
  • Rain water
  • Birds and their feathers
  • Dust
  • Suffocation
  • Operation cost
  • Loss against Electricity
Safety Products Ideally Suited for
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Ware Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Paint Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Domestic Use
Air ventilator
Safety Products FRP Sheets
  • Base is made from FRP sheets.
  • FRP sheets are available in different colors as per the requirement.
  • Thickness:1.5 mm
  • Lenght:1800 mm (6 feet)
  • Wide:standard roof
  • Type:Sigle piece
air ventilator
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